Team-based programming competition that combines creativity, software engineering and artificial intelligence.

How it works

Industry talks

The idea of this event is to introduce students and industry professionals with trends and technologies that enable simpler software development and application of artificial intelligence in practice.


The competition takes the central place of the event. It runs for a weekend of 32 hours duration where 8 teams will have the opportunity to develop their solutions using modern technologies

Demo Day

On the Demo Day, team members present their ideas to an expert jury who evaluates them and declares the winner. Demo Day is an open event for anyone who wants to hear more about the ideas of the competition teams

Travel Website Application

the team

Code AI is open to university students and industry professionals. You must be at least over 18 years of age at the date of the start of compettion. Your team can consist from two to four members and team composition cannot be changed after the competition start.

Problem statement

At the beging of the competition we’ll publish a problem statement which will specify the problem to be solved and the rules for scoring and submitting solutions by your team.


The Jury will review the solutions of the teams. The Jury may decide at any time to exclude some participants or teams which do not follow the rules of the competition.

Promote algorithmic literacy and open source culture.


You may use any documentation you’d like, in paper form or on the Internet. You may also use any computer that you have access to in order to run your code. You are not allowed to benefit from the support from any external persons.

Source code

You may use publicly released libraries and tools, available frameworks, APIs and open-source code that is free to use and without any limits or restrictions, otherwise all code must be written during the event.
For instance, Google Maps Geocoding API is free to use, but only for 2,500 requests per day, calculated as the sum of client-side and server-side queries. Your solution should run locally on a computer or be deployed to a publicly viewable environment during the presentation.

Code of conduct

During the competition teams will have the opportunity to design and develop a specific algorithmic solution, to socialize and exchange knowledge with colleagues and industry professionals. We expect your team to have a positive attitude during the competition. Your team shouldn't take any action that would prevent other teams from taking part in the competition. Be kind to others. Do not insult or put down other attendees. Behave professionally.